Lead Thou me on... Cathedral Church of Bijnor – a landmark of Kotdwar and a temple for all! Cathedral Church of Bijnor – a landmark of Kotdwar and a temple for all! The Shepherd's tent at Kotdwar –the gateway to the hills of Garhwal! The crew of Bijnor with the captain! 'A Healthy mind in a healthy body'; students in perfect unison, seek divine blessings before the day starts – school assembly in Bijnor! Asha Dweep – an oasis for the uniquely and differently-abled at Badapur! Leprosy Eradication Mission at work with the slogan constant on their lips, 'Leprosy is Curable' Kho River – borderlines the picturesque fabric of Kotdwar Town! Beyond the reach of cultivators and harvesters –terraced fields, the granary of Garhwal Himalaya! Winding roads, terraced fields, gorgeous rivers and cliffy mountains – a typical landscape of Bijnor! Reservoir of power and life for the millions – the catchment area of Tehri Hydroelectric Project! The eternal sleeping beauty – the snow-clad mountains of Garhwal Himalaya! Lifeline of the Garhwal Himalaya – very often gentle, sometimes marauding! Suffocating close with people, animals and fodder, yet spacious – the warmth of a Garhwal village!Unmoved mountains constantly sanctified by the holy waters- the Ganges! 'But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep'

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Preaching in Baria

Feast of St.Mary's Church, Najibabad

Adoration chapel

Information center in cathedral

Important Events

23 March 1972 Erection of Apostolic Exarchate of Bijnor by the papal bull "Beatorum Apostolorum of Pope Paul VI Nomination of Fr Gratian Mundadan CMI as the Apostolic Exarch of Bijnor
25 July 1972 Fr Gratian Mundadan CMI took charge as the Apostolic Exacrh of Bijnor
26 February 1977 Erection of the Diocese of Bijnor by the Papal Bull "Quae Cum Romano" of Pope Paul VI Nomination of Apostolic Exarch Gratian Mundadan CMI as the first Bishop of Bijnor
8 December 1977 Enthronement of Most Rev. Gratian Mundadan CMI as the first Bishop of Bijnor at Padampur, Kotdwar
18 May 1981 Death of 10 Missionaries in road accident at Satpuli
24 June 1984 Inauguration of the Diocesan Minor Seminary
19 April 1988 Priestly ordination of Fr James Thekkekaithackal, the first diocesan priest of the diocese
26 January 1997 Death of Fr Peter Moothedan in road accident at Nawada
5 December 2001 Laying of the foundation stone for St Joseph's Cathedral, Kotdwar
17 February 2002 Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Diocese and the Episcopal ordination of Most Rev. Gratian Mundadan CMI
19 November 2002 Blessing of UJALA: The Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Kotdwar
17 October 2006 Death of Fr Mathew Parackal, the Protosyncellus of the Diocese, at Bijnor
4 June 2008 Priestly Ordination of Fr Francis Paul Masih, the first local priest of the diocese
14 August 2009 Nomination of Fr John Vadakel CMI as the second Bishop of Bijnor
22 October 2009 Episcopal ordination and enthronement of Most Rev. John Vadakel CMI