Lead Thou me on... Cathedral Church of Bijnor – a landmark of Kotdwar and a temple for all! Cathedral Church of Bijnor – a landmark of Kotdwar and a temple for all! The Shepherd's tent at Kotdwar –the gateway to the hills of Garhwal! The crew of Bijnor with the captain! 'A Healthy mind in a healthy body'; students in perfect unison, seek divine blessings before the day starts – school assembly in Bijnor! Asha Dweep – an oasis for the uniquely and differently-abled at Badapur! Leprosy Eradication Mission at work with the slogan constant on their lips, 'Leprosy is Curable' Kho River – borderlines the picturesque fabric of Kotdwar Town! Beyond the reach of cultivators and harvesters –terraced fields, the granary of Garhwal Himalaya! Winding roads, terraced fields, gorgeous rivers and cliffy mountains – a typical landscape of Bijnor! Reservoir of power and life for the millions – the catchment area of Tehri Hydroelectric Project! The eternal sleeping beauty – the snow-clad mountains of Garhwal Himalaya! Lifeline of the Garhwal Himalaya – very often gentle, sometimes marauding! Suffocating close with people, animals and fodder, yet spacious – the warmth of a Garhwal village!Unmoved mountains constantly sanctified by the holy waters- the Ganges! 'But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep'

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Preaching in Baria

Feast of St.Mary's Church, Najibabad

Adoration chapel

Information center in cathedral

Diocese at a Glance

Patron   St Joseph
Area  30, 664 sq. km
Total Population 30, 71000
Language spoken Hindi, Garhwalee & Urudu
Catholics 3664
Mission Station/Centre 44+9
Priests Diocesan 57
PriestsReligious 26
Deacons 3
Religious Sisters 175
Seminarians Diocesan 28
Seminarians Religious 21
Catechists 15
Minor Seminary 1
Diocesan Minor Seminary 1
Religious Major Seminary 1
Religious Minor Seminary 1
Formation Houses of Women Religious 5
Men Religious Houses 8
Convents 43
Pastoral Centre 1
Publications 1
Schools 26
Senior Secondary Schools 6
High Schools 8
Junior High Schools 7
Primary Schools 4
Elementary School 1
Health Centres 12
Boarding Houses 4
Printing Press 1
Indian Christian Ashrams 4
Centre for Differently Abled 3
Research & Dialogue Centre 1